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Why would a psychic medium be participating in Teaching Tuesday and a reading show?

Because I care about people.  I do the reading show on Supernatural Radio on Blogtalk, every Friday at 5 pacific 8 eastern to give to the people who have never had a reading.  Who maybe can’t afford a reading with a medium.  This is very important to me.  Also people get to know me, and who I am.  Participating on blogtalk with The Renee Richards on Supernatural radio is a great experience, and I spend an hour giving as many free readings as I can within that hour.  I have received so many emails from people who have called in and received messages from their loved ones.  It makes a difference in the healing process.  I meet all kinds of different people from all over the world.

Teaching Tuesday Show is here on inutitalks and it is exactly what it says teaching, I am a spiritual teacher, and I give shows, about spiritual learning, authors, and guests.  You need to check the schedule right here on The Renee Richards Show.  Look for new shows coming up and also look for the archives and listen to older shows, they are for spiritual development again for people who are looking to learn about spirituality, but maybe can’t afford it at this time to work with someone one on one.

I am not a professional radio show host, if you have listened to me at all you know this.  I try to do my best but I am just me, so you get my personality along with the reading.  I truly believe that we are all connected as one.  We hold out our hand to others, to help to pull them up, and not knock them down.  I always hope that people will feel the energy and become interested in this energy, and wonder what it is, and maybe change their life.

My blog also is just that a blog about my life.  What it was like growing up as communicator between worlds and dimensions, and the spirits that were with me and still are from the beginning.   I pick subjects, as I  am directed by spirit what moves me at the time.  My soul is in the drivers seat, but it didn’t start out that way.

I wonder about things just like everyone does, but I will tell you one thing I don’t wonder about, but I know that love is the most important law or rule in our life.  One way or another we are all moving towards love, in all its definitions.  I truly believe this.

please ck out the podcasts from other shows here too, where I have been a guest